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We are convinced that every property transaction is unique and requires a customised approach. For this reason, we attach great importance to continuous training and the exchange of experience in order to always be at the cutting edge of the profession. Our motto “The greatest show in real estate sales” is not just a slogan, but a commitment to creating exceptional experiences for our clients.

Why properties?

Properties are more than just buildings; they are the backdrop to the lives and stories of the people who inhabit them. Our passion for property is grounded in a deep understanding that every sale and purchase is a personal journey. We value the emotional significance that a property has for each individual and endeavour to make this process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

What you can expect from us

Would you like to buy a property?

Finding the perfect property, whether to buy or rent, is a journey that we at FA Immobilien are happy to embark on together with you. With over two decades of experience, we offer you a customised service that takes your individual needs and wishes into consideration. Whether you are looking for a cosy home for your family, a modern flat in the city or an idyllic retreat, our extensive database and team of experts are ready to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Extensive portfolio: A large selection of quality-checked properties that is regularly updated.

Market knowledge: In-depth understanding of the local property market to present you with the best options.

Transparent processing: From the first viewing to moving in – we ensure a smooth and transparent process.

At FA Immobilien, your dream home is our concern. Discover the variety of property options with us and find the place you can soon call your home.

Would you like to sell your property?

Selling your property is a challenging and complex process. In addition to determining the marketable sales price, interested parties must also be properly qualified. The best advice, competent solutions and a reliable partner – the FA team offers you a supporting hand and guarantees a smooth sales process without any incidents.

You have decided to sell your property. As the owner, you often have an emotional attachment to your own four walls. This makes the efficient and successful handling of the sale, including the correct determination of the market price, all the more important. We can help you with this and know the answers to many questions that you are sure to have.

The company

FA Immobilien Schweiz KLG represents the combination of local market knowledge and passionate property brokerage. Founded in 2003, we have developed into a respected name in Northwestern Switzerland. As a family business, we stand for a personal and cordial service that is reflected in every aspect of our work. Our goal is to shape the property market with professionalism and integrity and to accompany our clients on their way to their ideal home or successful sale.

This is us

Behind FA Immobilien is a team of experienced professionals who are characterised by passion and expertise. Laurent Facqueur, our managing director and co-owner, sets the direction of our company with his vision. Diana Facqueur, who is also the owner, brings her immense commitment and expertise, while Désirée Facqueur, our estate agent’s assistant, impresses with her enthusiasm and customer focus. The new marketing opportunities via social media as well as the creation of professional short films about properties are her responsibility. Even our “guard dog in training”, Chico, is part of the team and symbolises our friendly and welcoming business environment.


Laurent Facqueur

People do business with people who know each other.

Diana Facqueur

Business owner
Buying or selling real estate is associated with emotions. Emotions need a trusted partner. You can count on me

Désirée Facqueur

You are at home where your heart feels at home.


Security Dog in Trainee
Wuff wuff

FA Immobilien as a member of the property sales interest group

The purpose of IG Immobilienverkauf is to create a platform for property specialists, such as agents, managers and valuers, who come together regularly to exchange information, conduct business valuations and analyse the market. The goal of this network is to reduce property sales times and achieve better sales prices through the synergy of cooperation. This includes pooling market knowledge, expanding resources and better understanding customer needs. Difficult cases are solved jointly and second opinions increase the reliability of decisions. IG Immobilienverkauf attaches great importance to the professional ethos of its members and consists exclusively of regional, local family businesses with a high value orientation.

FA Immobilien is a founding member of IG Immobilienverkauf because, as a property specialist, it supports and contributes to achieving the above goals. As a member, FA Immobilien benefits from the synergies and expertise shared within the interest group. This collaboration enables FA Immobilien to offer its services at a higher level and to benefit from the shared market knowledge and enhanced skills.

Social commitment

FA Immobilien is proud to support a range of local initiatives and social projects. Our contribution ranges from promoting community events to supporting charitable organisations that work to improve the quality of life in our region and Switzerland.


With our extensive network of partners, you can benefit quickly and easily from their expertise. Take a look at the offers from our various partners, which we highly recommend.