18. April 2023

Digital or in person?

With our newsletter of November 2022 there are again interesting and different real estate offers. You can virtually walk through almost every advertisement to get an impression of the object.
If you are thinking of selling your current home and would like to know the value of your property, then various Internet platforms offer, among others, ours at https://fa-immobilien.ch/schaetzungen/ quick valuations. Have you entered all the key data objectively? Does the result then correspond to the market value?
When buying and selling a property, the key point is this, to contact a professional personally.

During the viewing, the real estate agent will draw your attention to important details that are not necessarily visible in the virtual 360° tour.

We or our long-term partners have personally inspected and professionally evaluated all the properties we are offering you and compiled a sales dossier for you. If you decide to buy a property, we will guide you and the seller through all the processes, because until the purchase contract is signed, many financial and legal hurdles can still arise, with which we are certainly more helpful in person than a digital assistant.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, it pays to meet with a professional either way. With us you have a family business at hand, which knows the real estate market in the region for twenty years. Let us answer all your questions about objects in a personal conversation. We are looking forward to it!