18. April 2023

“Dr Waggis läbt!”

We’ve made it our mission: “We show face so you know who you’re dealing with!” … and we follow through: Do you recognize us in our carnival costume from 2006?

Then there are “the others”, i.e. those who escape the folly and dash over the white in the mountains, as well as breathe in the fresh air, while city lovers indulge in the smell of barbecue in the alleys. Finally, there are those who hold the fort in business during the “drey scheenschte Dääg”. At this point, we greatly appreciate this sacrifice so that the other ⅔ of Basel’s population (i.e. Northwestern Switzerland) can turn their backs on the daily grind.

Maybe even some are still dealing with a new home? Or playing with the idea of selling his? It is always important and interesting to know the approximate value of the object. Then go ahead and try it out on our homepage. Remember, however, that the expert will value and evaluate your home from a neutral perspective, taking into account age, condition, location, easements, land conditions, demand patterns, etc.

Then let us meet; without larva, because we show face!