18. April 2023

Is it already too late?

Until when are you actually allowed to deliver New Year’s greetings? According to Knigge, these “among relative strangers” should be limited to the first two weeks. Now the question arises, what is actually meant by “relative strangers”?

We are of the opinion that well-intentioned and sincere greetings are in principle always appropriate. So let’s take this opportunity now to wish you a smooth and safe flight through 2022, as well as a soft landing with plenty of perspectives in the bag.

And we, what resolutions have we set for ourselves? On the one hand, we want to listen with open ears to our clients and interested parties, because often there is a lot of talking but less listening. On the other hand, we will remain open to modern technologies so that we can use them selectively for our clients, such as 360° tours, short films, etc., which are sometimes more meaningful than many words.

We hope you enjoy browsing our website and we are always open to your suggestions and ideas.