18. April 2023

It is twittered from the rooftops: Summer is slowly coming!

It’s nice that so many of you read our blogs, because the reactions are (almost) always very positive. In each case we try to reflect our experience and especially our impressions of the current real estate market.

After all, we are on the front line of market activity on a daily basis and thus feel every change, no matter how small. Again and again we are asked about the future and there we can honestly only make assumptions and certainly no forecasts. Unfortunately, the media always seem to be one step ahead of us, because they can even predict the future in exact % figures.

If a different truth is established a short time later, it goes without saying that it is no longer spoken or written about. And certain facts were never predicted in the first place, such as the historic interest rate crashes, the skyrocketing home prices in the region, the cooling off, on the other hand, of condominiums, etc. We didn’t know everything either (we try to stay humble), but on certain points we had premonitions that have come true.

Do you want to “riddle” us with questions? We will gladly try to give realistic answers. We are looking forward to meeting you!