18. April 2023

“Spring, summer or still winter?”

Do you remember the last time it rained in our country? Few can give an accurate indication here, because the past weather is “yesterday’s news” and how it will be tomorrow, we are usually more interested. And there, the outlook is no longer as rosy as it has been in recent days. There is even talk of frost down to the lowlands! What’s going on? Hasn’t early summer just begun? Or at least the spring? That leaves you listening in the early morning: more and more birds are chirping! And nature? She already has the buds sprouting everywhere! So we have the positive confirmation that the days are getting longer. They will then become warmer.

And in real estate? Do prices continue to spiral toward the sun and risk falling, as Icarus once did with his wax wings? Is the war already affecting demand for home ownership? Or is the supply dwindling?

Even we cannot answer all questions, but since we are active in the region on a daily basis, we can immediately detect even the smallest changes and make realistic forecasts.

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