18. April 2023

Today once in own thing…

The cooler evenings should be coming soon and what about your conscience? Do you already heat energy efficiently and have installed an environmentally friendly solution combined with restraint in the waste of natural resources at home? If you don’t have cold feet yet, your room is definitely too hot!

That’s how it’s been coming across to me in the media for years, and now it’s increasing noticeably. But can we even change so much on such short notice? We ordered a heat pump with a photovoltaic system in the spring, and promptly our guilty conscience turned positive.

But just, the delivery times… With a lot of luck, we would already heat environmentally friendly (and above all also much cheaper) and sell our produced electricity expensive to the Primeo. The installation date for the heating is finally set and so now the photovoltaic system can be installed? Far from it, because on the one hand the panels are missing, which are in Rotterdam or in a container on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic or even still in Shanghai or the devil knows where, and on the other hand the delivery date of the inverter remains exciting.

Luckily we still have our well-tried wooden fireplace or “humor is when you laugh anyway ” 😊

We all have to do something, since time immemorial, and this is surely clear to everyone. The older generations have already grown up like this: extinguish the light when leaving a room, boil the water with a lid and also our former Federal Councillor Adolf Ogi explained already in 1988 how to boil an egg with very little water. So today’s tips and tricks are not so new. All we have to do is implement them, every day anew.

Warm greetings from your real estate agent of trust
Laurent Facqueur