18. April 2023

Yeah – summertime is here!

The summer window, which has now opened again, is for many of us that time which makes way for relaxation, enjoyment, vacation and contentment. Just chill and enjoy. Shut down the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Approach everything a little more calmly and prudently.

Maybe a break in consuming news should be part of it? In principle, negative news is already the better, or more conspicuous headlines, but shouldn’t we allow this kind of reporting a little vacation for once?

We will enjoy the warm to hot season and the beautiful sides of life, i.e. cultivate friendships, have pleasant discussions with acquaintances, real estate sellers and seekers. Maybe, or probably everything a little slower, “chillier”. And you?

We wish you a wonderful summer time and maybe we will meet soon over a refreshing drink?