What our customers say

You were always well prepared. Provided the necessary details to enable our price setting. We did not feel pressured by you. You were always very polite & friendy.
Yvette P., Pfeffingen
I particularly liked the professional, uncomplicated and familiar support as well as the all-round service and the constant exchange of information.
Heidi B., Allschwil
With my knowledge, I cannot see any potential for improvement. We were very satisfied.
Peter & Anne C., Mühledorf
Dear Mrs. Facqueur
They took care of every little detail. Thank you for the professional and friendly service.
Derya & Hüseyin T., Therwil
Everything worked flawlessly! Absolutely competent and recommendable. Thank you very much!
Gabriela R., Hofstetten
Competence, punctuality, humanity, very pleasant family business. For us, the collaboration was perfect from A-Z!
Regula & Roger W. Z. from Pfeffingen
It's hard to be better, but you'll come up with something. The virtual window through the house and the sophisticated brochure were definitely great. It also serves as a reminder part.
Adrian S., Grellingen
It was simply optimal. Keep it up!
Urs N., Rheinfelden
This is what I particularly liked about the FA team:
- The kindness
- The expertise and competence
- The company through the whole event
- Courteous and punctuality
Silvio S. from Therwil
Extraordinarily good cooperation and we are looking forward to further joint projects.
Carmelo P., Nuglar
I am very satisfied with Désirée Facqueur and have felt a lot of commitment. Also, my tenant seems to be very happy with her.
Nicole O.
Clear conditions - communicative - timely - customer friendly
Family Fasler, Ettingen
Your dedication and service and friendliness were more than very good. Without you we would not have found our dream house. Mrs. Facqueur, you are the greatest!
Jacqueline & Christoph K., Therwil
Our realtor advised, accompanied and supported us not only extremely competently, but with an enormous amount of heart, compassion and humanity! We will recommend them anytime with the best feeling!
Simone & Luc S., Muttenz
- Open + transparent communication
- They take the time to respond in detail to questions + requests
- Competent advice + support for the purchase of a house
We were very satisfied with them and currently see no potential for improvement.
Sabine & Martin Rufi from Ettingen
Good accessibility, support also after the sale, regular updates given
Borer community of heirs from Grindel
1. You were available for all my questions and answered them well.
2. You took me to the apartment a few times andI was very satisfactory.
3. Overall service was good.
Rajashree D., Reinach
Very friendly and very easy to communicate with. Désirée made us very comfortable and was very helpful.
Anita & Erdal T., Therwil
Madame Facqueur, dans votre activité et votre aptitude professionelle, si naturelle et élégante, m'ont mis tout de suite en confiance. Et vous avez fait un si beau travail. Je n'oubie pas votre compréhension, disponibilité et patience. Je vous suis très reconnaissante.
Maria E., Reinach
Our agent has been excellent throughout the process. He was friendly and his knowledge in this area helped us move much faster. I recommend him very highly.
Raj & Lohitashveni A., Basel
I supect this was not a normal negotiation. I think you gave the vendor excellent advice, and you clearly know how to stage a property.
Jane & Dave F., Reinach
It’s our great pleasure to work with you. We feel very lucky to buy this property. Your professional assistance is so important to us and highly appreciated! We would highly recommend your services to others and look forward to further collaborations in future!
Qingwue & Wie S. X., Aesch
All very good, some even excellent, thank you!
Tania & Patrick O. H., Muttenz
Everything was exemplary. Thank you for all your work, help and support. All extremely professional and enjoyable.
Susan N., Muttenz
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