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Would you like to sell your house or flat in the Basel region or the whole of Northwestern Switzerland?

Our procedure

We handle the sale of your property with the highest level of care and personal commitment. We are always at your side, from the initial consultation to the successful completion of the sal

Personalised advice: We take the time to understand your wishes and goals.

Market analysis: A fundamental analysis of the current market allows us to optimally position your property.

Marketing: We reach the right buyers through customised marketing.

Transparency: You are informed about every step in the sales process and involved in decisions.

Contract handling: We support you in all formal and legal aspects of the sales process.

Quick evaluation

If you would like an initial estimation of the value of your property, our quick valuation offers a simple and efficient solution. With just a few clicks, you can get an initial indication of what your property might be worth. This service is ideal for getting a quick idea of the market value without the need for a detailed analysis.

Why a market value estimate by the estate agent estate agent can be quite good...

Your house from your point of view

From the perspective of the mortgage ban

From the perspective of the fire insurance company

From the perspective of the architect

From the perspective of the tax authorities

Professional evaluation

For a complete and detailed valuation of your property, we recommend our professional valuation service. This process includes an inspection of your property and considers all relevant factors such as location, condition, features and current market trends. Our experts will carry out a rigorous analysis to ensure that the price set reflects the best market conditions and meets your expectations.