The family-run real estate company

Your partner for buying and selling properties in the Basel region and Northwestern Switzerland.

With our many years of experience, we can help you find your dream property. Whether you are looking for property in the Basel region or the whole of Northwestern Switzerland, we offer you a diverse selection of first-class properties. You can trust in our motivated team to make your property wishes come true. Contact us today and start your property search with FA Immobilien.

Customer feedback

Find out what our clients have to say about their experience with FA Immobilien. These authentic reviews reflect our devotion and the personalised service we offer in every collaboration.

Fasler family,

Clear conditions – communicative – timely – customer friendly

Yvette Petersen,

You were always well prepared. Provided the necessary details to enable our price setting. We did not feel pressured by you. You were always very polite & friendy.

Silvio Signorini,

This is what I particularly liked about the FA team:
- The kindness
- The expertise and competence
- The company through the whole event
- Courteous and punctuality

Simone & Luc Seiterle,

Our realtor advised, accompanied and supported us not only extremely competently, but with an enormous amount of heart, compassion and humanity! We will recommend them anytime with the best feeling!

Carmelo P., Nuglar,

Extraordinarily good cooperation and we are looking forward to further joint projects.

Rufi family,

'- Open + transparent communication
- They take the time to respond in detail to questions + requests
- Competent advice + support for the purchase of a house
We were very satisfied with them and currently see no potential for improvement.

The family-run real estate company

From family to family

FA Immobilien Schweiz KLG is a family-run property company in Reinach in the canton of Baselland. Our family has been working as a real estate agent since 2003.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have a solid and wide network in the Basel region and Northwestern Switzerland, allowing us to effectively assist our clients as real estate agents. We can recommend properties outside our direct catchment area to experienced partners known to us, so that you will always have the right agent. The right network is essential for you and us!

From 2003 to 2019, we were a licence and franchisee of RE/MAX Switzerland and were able to greatly expand and maintain our network during this instructive time.

As a seller, you engage a local Swiss company that has built up a strong and efficient regional and national network over the years. As a small business from the region of Northwestern Switzerland, personal contact with our sellers and buyers is very important to us. After all, property is strongly associated with emotions and is therefore unique. That is why each property must be treated and marketed individually.

We not only love our profession, we live it every day! To ensure that, in addition to our passion, we are always up to date, we regularly pursue additional training and share our experiences internally.

Since 2023, we have been a member of the “IG Immobilienverkauf” association, which we co-founded with other regional and family-run companies. We share our experiences on a monthly meeting, analyse the property market and share properties with each other so that they find a buyer more quickly.

As self-employed professionals, our motivation to satisfy our clients is very high. Our remuneration (commission) is based exclusively on our success, i.e. the fee is only due when your property has been sold.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the questions we are most frequently asked about buying, selling and renting properties. Our goal is to provide you with clear information to help you make your decision.
If you have any further questions, we are of course always at your disposal.

Perhaps the question is too general, such as: "Is there any sense in buying a car at all?” Every investor, even a small one, needs to think about this: What are my goals? Do I want to invest for the long term? For 10, 20 or more years? Do I want a regular return (rental income) or is a maximum profit on resale important to me? Or do I "only" want to consolidate my money in stone and beat inflation?

Finances are the basis of every investment! That's why your affordability should be checked by a bank, another financial institution or a professional financial advisor. You will then know the maximum house or flat price you can afford.
Make a list of the features that you will not do without under any circumstances (number of bedrooms, size of living space, whether it needs renovation or not, location, distance to schools and public transport, etc.) and another with key data that are "nice to have" (penthouse, quiet location, fireplace, lift, view, etc.).
And then enter your search requirements on various internet portals and view suitable properties.
If you still haven't found your future property after some time, you should pick up your two lists again and review them, because you will definitely have to be prepared to compromise, as your dream house or flat is just a dream.

Unlike most countries, in Switzerland it makes more sense for tax reasons not to fully amortise your mortgage. Mortgage interest can be deducted from income, which reduces income tax and often offsets the taxable imputed rental value. The mortgage can still be deducted from your assets, which often eliminates wealth tax.

The opposite question here is: What do I want to achieve with my decision?
When you sell, a lot of tied-up money is liquefied, which is not earning any interest at the bank today. It therefore makes sense to reinvest this money, be it in another property, in a major purchase (car, boat, etc.) or in other costly expenses (trip around the world, children's study trip, pre-inheritance to children, etc.).
Letting makes sense if no cash is required and it may be possible to return to the property in a few years' time. Do you want to transfer your property to your future heirs after your death or in a few years as an advance inheritance? Even then, letting is preferable.

The agent works on a commission basis, i.e. he acts in the interests of his client and usually receives a fee, a commission after successful brokerage or after the transaction has been concluded. The services vary greatly from broker to broker and the small print in the contracts should also be studied carefully. The same applies to verbal contracts, i.e. the Swiss Code of Obligations regulates the most important rights and obligations of the parties (see OR Article 412ff).
In any case, take your time when choosing a broker, as a small mistake can have serious financial consequences.

Ask for a very detailed presentation of what the estate agent will do to ensure a successful transaction. Then you should definitely ask yourself the following questions, among others:

  • Is the contractor (estate agent) familiar with the area?
  • Does he know the region, the neighbourhood and the immediate area? It may be that there is a new public transport stop right next to the house for sale, which will increase the value of the property.
  • What experience does the estate agent have? Has he or she already successfully brokered a number of properties?
  • Is your contact able to value your house/flat correctly and in line with the market?
  • Can the estate agent provide references that you can verify?
  • Is the performance-related remuneration transparent and easy for you to understand?


These are just some of the points you should consider. Of course, you can also bring your gut feeling into the equation


It is important that the price should be in line with the market, even if it is your children, because the state can fall back on the children if the sale price is too favorable if you are no longer able to finance your living expenses in old age and your own funds have been used up. From a tax point of view, it is advantageous anyway if you grant your children a mortgage on very attractive terms, for example.
And things are much simpler with one child, because if there are several children, the distribution of the inheritance (pre-inheritance) must be planned precisely, i.e. the advantageous sale of the house to one child could be regarded as over-inheritance. In any case, consult a notary for advice.

Once the realistic market value of the property has been defined, there are a few ways to find the right buyer. The classic options, which still very often lead to success, include informing the neighbourhood personally, making the publication attractive on the major internet portals, putting up a sales board, comparing the property with its database of potential buyers, drawing the attention of business partners to this property, compiling detailed documentation with all the important information, including informative photos, etc. It is definitely worth exploring more modern or newer approaches: disseminate effective advertising and professional reels in social media, record attractive short films and create virtual and interactive tours.
Subsequently, viewings are organised with pre-selected prospective buyers after the house or flat has been furnished and decorated accordingly (home staging). As soon as a buyer has been found, their financial viability is checked, the reservation agreement is drawn up, registration with the notary's office is carried out and, of course, an irrevocable promise to pay is requested.
The handover of the keys is then the crowning moment.

Yes, this should not be a problem as long as the sales price includes the following amounts: Current debt/mortgage, applicable taxes (transfer tax, property gains tax, notary fees, land registry costs, penalty for fixed-rate mortgages, etc.).

A professional market valuation is highly recommended here. The following points must be taken into account: Immediate surroundings (micro-location) now and in the near future, development of the property market, what values the financial institutions are prepared to finance, what is the objective condition of the property, etc.? Don't be blinded by "self-proclaimed property professionals" who can put a value on a property in the blink of an eye. Instead, invest some money in a serious and professional valuation. You will honour it afterwards.

In Switzerland, we have 26 cantons, which means we have 26 different variants! In principle, the following costs remain the same everywhere: notary fees for drawing up the purchase contract and notarising it, the land register costs for deleting the seller's name and any promissory notes as well as for registering the buyer's name and new promissory notes. Depending on the canton, some of these costs are shared equally. Transfer taxes, for cantons that charge such taxes, are partly shared between seller and buyer and are waived in the case of permanent owner-occupation by the buyer. This owner-occupation is also regulated at cantonal level. Property gains tax is always borne by the seller. Depending on the situation, a real replacement purchase can be registered so that this tax is deferred for (usually) 20 years.

Why do you want to know the market value of your property? Out of simple interest, to find out how "rich" you are today? Or are you considering selling your property or dividing it properly in the event of a divorce?
Look for a professional valuer with experience who will provide you with a valuation in line with the market and not just calculate it online. An inspection of the property is essential! So-called "desk valuations" (from an office desk) or quick online valuations can only provide an indicative value at best.
Provide the valuer with the following documents: Current extract from the land register with the wording of any servitudes, the policy from the building insurance company, a list of investments made in the last 20 years, building description, etc. In the case of flats, the protocols of the condominium meetings and the financial statements for the last three years must also be available.
If you do not have all the documents, a good valuer with the appropriate power of attorney can obtain all the necessary information for you.

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